Connection Quality

26 10 2014

The internet is a wonderful thing – when it works. I’m in the process of changing my service provider because I’m fed up with emails randomly disappearing and servers losing contact for no apparent reason. (Yes, Talktalk, I’m talking about you!)

Quality of connection is everything and that’s why I talk so often about Christian life, mission and ministry being all about helping people to connect more deeply with God and connect God with the whole of life. This autumn offers a number of different ways to do that.

We start with Prayer 24 on 5th-6th of September. Prayer is the most important expression of our connection with God. As we’ve discovered over the past three years, having a specific time and place dedicated to prayer seems to help us all to pray more effectively. You might think that signing up for an hour is huge commitment but I promise you that if you come along it really won’t feel like that. If you haven’t taken part in previous years do give it a try.

A week later (Friday September 12th) we have the launch event for our latest Alpha Course. The Supper Party really is literally a taster, and one of the easiest things you can ever invite a friend to. It’s simply a dinner with friends featuring a ten minute presentation of what Alpha is about. There’s no pressure to go further unless anyone wants to. Please do think and pray about who you might be able to invite. It could be the beginning of a new connection with God – as it has been for many other people already.

Finally I’m looking to create some new opportunities to connect with God by linking up with each other more often outside of Sunday services. See the article about new midweek groups in the Ascension section of the magazine, or if you’re at St Mary’s try the “Life” group on Thursday mornings, or ask Steve about starting something on an evening.

My hope and prayer is that there is something here for everyone. I hope we’ll all get a better connection with God and each other this autumn.

Best Wishes




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