ALPHA is a weekly course designed for people of all faiths, no faith, or not sure about faith.   It’s a place to explore in a relaxed and friendly way some of these big questions we all ask. It’s an opportunity to investigate Christianity in a relaxed and friendly setting and to explore its relevance for life today. Each session includes some time to get to know one another, followed by a video introducing the theme of the evening, then an open discussion. You can ask anything and no question is too simple or too challenging. Alpha is open to anyone. It’s relaxed, low-key, friendly, and fun. It’s also free.  Over 2 million people in the UK have been to Alpha. Why not join them?

Our new Alpha begins online on Wednesday 24th June from 8pm-9.15pm. 

We will be running it on Zoom and will send you a link to join in.

To find out more or to reserve a place on the next course please contact:

Simon Reed
Phone: 020 8566 9920

To visit the main Alpha website click on the box below.


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